Photo Books You Need to Read #2 – Teach Yourself Photography

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In the previous post about photography books, I confessed my obsession with collecting them, so here is another book from which I have learned a lot:

Teach Yourself Photography from the author Lee Frost.

Lee is regarded as one of the world’s best-selling photography authors. It’s hard to put a figure on just how many copies of his books have sold, but apparently it’s well over half a million.

I recommend this book not specifically for its photographs but for the written content.

His language is clear and it is fun to learn. Whether film or digital, it presents the basics in logical easy-to-grasp order. The step by step approach and the logical arrangement of chapters makes it a book that really teaches you photography.

In my edition from 20014, digital cameras in particular have changed: an illustration of a “modern” 1.4 MP camera, and comments about memory ‘as much as 256 kB’, make the digital chapter seem undeservedly dated. Even so, the advice offered is as sound today as it was a few years ago.

It’s a little dated but the basic information is very useful.

It has an amazing chapter about film and darkroom with information about developing and printing from negatives. It even has a darkroom layout from scratch for those who still use film.

Check out some images:



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