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Chamelia Liparoti

I never thought I could be published by National Geographic and by so many other internationally renowned publications. Antonio Leanza is a true master, a very inspiring teacher and a great coach. Thank you Antonio!

Chamelia Liparoti - Professsional Photographer

I attended the 4-day photography course for beginners with Luciana back in 2008. While I was seeking just to learn how to make proper use of my DSLR, the course was so inspiring that it actually sparked a much stronger interest in photography in me. I continued with taking more courses and making more photographs and, as it happens, my first book of photographs, Journeys, has just being published. It contains four series of my photographs made in Jerusalem, Japan, Istanbul and Provence. The LSP's role in my development as a photographer is gratefully and deservedly acknowledged in my bio both on the publisher's website and the back cover. http://bykhovskaya.com/

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya - Professsional Photographer
Ekaterina Bykhovskaya

Michael Schuster

I very much enjoyed my 4 days photography course at the London School of Photography. An entertaining and stimulating teacher, and an excellently conceived course. I am sure I will be back.

Michael Schuster wine taster, wine writer and wine teacher
Ana Rosa Maronas

The London School of Photography is not only a fantastic place to learn and practice photography but also a great way to meet like minded people. Whether you have been shooting for years, or if your love of photography begins here, you must try the LSP Experience.

Ana Rosa Maronas (4 Days Photography Course)

I had a fantastic time at the London School of Photography, it was so much fun and extremely informative. I really feel like I am in control of the camera now, and I am looking forward to the rest of my journey in photography. I can't tell you how glad I am that I took your photography workshop. I really liked your style of teaching as well - very relaxed, friendly and encouraging. Thanks again for everything.

Nikki Loftus
Nikki Loftus
Priya Lakhani

Dear Antonio, Thank you again for the digital photography weekend. I have learnt so much and cannot wait to practice all the new techniques you taught me. Your workshop content, approach and teaching style were beyond fantastic. This is the most valuable photography course I have ever undertaken and I will certainly recommend you to my friends and family.

Priya Lakhani - Barrister

Very much enjoyed the course, it confirmed a few things I knew in photography and gave me new skills, a much better understanding of my digital camera now and all the advanced exposure functions. Luciana was patient and explained everything very clearly. Great learning weekend!

Gary Bartelings (Weekend Photography Workshop)
Gary Bartelings

Anna Singer

Absolutely great photography workshop! I have learnt a lot during just 2 days, especially how to use the different functions on Manual Exposure Mode. It is much more fun that way! Good team size, the topics covered were very well selected. Thank you very much for the great time. I will send some pictures soon.

Anna Singer (Weekend Photography Workshop)

The LSP photography course has been eye-opening! I have used an SLR and now a digital SLR for years without knowing how they actually work. My pictures have always been taken on “AUTO” and in spite of my lack of knowledge come out OK(ish). This photography workshop has taught me more in 2 days that I’d learnt in the last 10 years. Thank you very much!

Lisa Bradshaw (Weekend Photography Workshop)
Lisa Bradshaw

Julian Redfern

I never thought I could learn so much about photography in such a quick time. It was great putting what we learnt in the day into practice. I liked the hands-on training approach and we went to some great photographic locations. It was broken up into stages really well. Thanks!

Julian Redfern

Fantastic, I was intrigued throughout the entire course, I uncovered a talent in photography. I can now take photos that I am proud to show. Even after doing a 1 year course at the New York Film Academy I have learnt amazing photographic techniques. Thank you so much!

Freddie Haygate
Freddie Haygate

Ellie McCarthy

The class at the London School of Photography was beyond helpful, and so informative. I entered this digital photography workshop as a total beginner and now I am so much more inspired, creative and confident with my digital camera. Since taking this workshop at LSP it has really made me want to pursue photography as not only a passion, but a career. I loved the teaching!

Ellie McCarthy (4 Days Photography Course)