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In December last year we prepared an e-book with a selection of Photo Tips & Assignments that have been published on a monthly basis since 2012.

They have been selected from the best of our Newsletter, reviewed and updated and include some of the winning photographs as well.

Some of you contacted us to make it available in the blog as well, so here is the link for download:

LSP Selected Tips & Assignments

Inside the eBook you are going to find Tips & Inspiration for the following themes:

1- Winter
2- Spring
3- Summer
4- Autumn
5- Silhouettes
6- Reflections
7- Sunset / Sunrise
8- Moon
9- Sky
10- Rain
11- Seascapes
12- Pets
13- At the Zoo
14- Flowers
15- Colours
16- Portraits
17- Children Portraits
18- Panning
19- Light Painting
20- Long Exposures
21- Travel Documentary
22- Street Fashion
23- Symmetry
24- Architecture

And here is a link for all LSP Newsletters ever published.

Thank you for reading!

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