Photography and Life – an analogy

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Photography is everywhere.

More accessible than ever before, taking pictures is now part of our daily lives.

We document everything: from what we eat at breakfast to the book we read at night.

Taking photos has become so natural that we forget how using a camera can be a tool to help us see life in a different way.

In composition, we can often improve the way a scene looks by adjusting how we’re looking at it. Learning to see things from varied angles and perspectives can only have a positive impact in every other aspect of our lives.

Walk around problems as you walk around your subject. Look at it from above, from below, from another person’s point of view. By doing that, you will be practising empathy, which is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

About focus: how often do you find that there is so much going on in your life that you have a hard time focusing on what is important.

What if we could blur unimportant things and get the clear image of what we want as fast as we do it with our mobile phones? The challenge is also to maintain focus. Doing this teaches us to persevere once we find our main goal.

There is a lovely quote about the photography and life analogy that sums it all (author unknown):

Photography can provide endless opportunities, it can help us find new ways of learning and experimenting with things.

There’s always something new to try every day and creative challenges are around the corner.

Think about this the next time you are holding a camera and use photography as a metaphor, a way of growing and achieving your goals.

Being open to new opportunities can lead to a richer, fuller life.

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