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All you wanted to know about FOCUS.

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There is one thing that demanded a lot of practice in the analogue days of photography. FOCUS.

Since its advent, photography has seen many focusing methods:

There were fixed lenses with fixed focus, then the rangefinder-type of focusing, then the split screen focusing and finally came the “loved by all” Auto Focus.

While most of the times the Auto Focus function will work just right to get the main subject sharp in your images, that is not always the case.

So here is a complete guide on FOCUS for you.


There are mainly two Focus Modes:

1- Manual Focus: When you switch OFF the AutoFocus on the side of your lens and focus completely manually, moving the focus ring left and right until you have the subject in focus on your viewfinder.

2- Auto Focus: Divided in 3 sub types:

  • One Shot / AF Single:
  • AI Servo / AF Continuous:
  • AI Focus / AF Auto:


1- Single Point:

2- Dynamic Area:

3- Auto Area:

Other functions: AF/AE-Lock

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