Professional Photography Courses

Professional Photography Courses

Professional Photography Course

This course is specifically designed for anyone wanting to become a professional photographer. With a thoroughly laid out map, unparalleled training and personal attention throughout the programme, it is also ideal as a preparation course, should you wish to apply for a BA, MA or any postgraduate studies in Photography.

Recommended for beginners, intermediate, as well as anyone wishing to consolidate their knowledge and get a highly valued certificate, this sought after Course starts from the Foundations of Photography and combines a variety of specialized workshops in different fields with a step by step process and hands-on experience that builds up real skills.

The complete programme includes street and studio photography, post production and career coaching sessions. After completing the course, you will have enough material to build a professional portfolio of images for a wide range of work and possibilities.
Whether you want to monetise, follow an academic career, or simply escape into the magic world of photography, this course gives you the tools, knowledge, and effective strategies that will help you make outstanding pictures and live the freedom of being creative

Thank you all for the wonderful course. I had such a great time I’m really going to miss it! Every single one of you has been invaluable as educators and inspiring as professional photographers. Having given up a career in IT, this has genuinely been life-changing for me and I want you all to know how excellent you are as tutors.

Rachel BridgesLSP Professional Student


Where everything starts. Master the principles of photography and feel at ease with your Camera, Focus, Exposure and Composition.


Learn image editing techniques to maximise image quality and workflow efficiency to a professional level.


Document the streets and life as it happens, gaining confidence to photograph in ever changing light conditions and unexpected situations.


Learn how to take remarkable portraits using very little equipment, getting the most of Natural light and Speedlights indoors and outdoors.


A step-by-step training into the world of artificial lighting. Learn to use studio lights and accessories to achieve every desired result.


Identify the challenges of Food & Product Photography, and learn how to resolve them. Experience the many roles that are part of it from styling to post processing.


With a personal portfolio review and the guidance of a professional to find your strengths, take the steps you need to start your career as a photographer.


Professional Photography students are eligible to take part to our annual Exhibition. The exhibited Artists will be given the opportunity to have their work seen in a prestigious gallery in London and to be exposed to our social media network and PR Campaign, with an estimated audience of 250,000 people plus.


Join our Private Facebook group where work opportunities are shared as well as interesting content related to photography. Gain access to our eCampus, where course content is available for download and have your own image gallery for feedback from trainers and colleagues 24/7.


In addition to their successful careers, LSP trainers are very passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge. With a maximum number of 8 students in each class, you are guaranteed to receive a close and personal coaching method, which reflects LSP teaching Style & Philosophy.

Total Flexibility

The Professional Photography Course can be completed either as:
Full Time Total Duration: 7 weeks, lessons every weekday
Part Time Total Duration: 6 months, lessons every Wednesday
Flexible Make your own schedule from 2 to 6 months, extendable.

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