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Ekaterina Bykhovskaya

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I attended the 4-day photography course for beginners with Luciana back in 2008. While I was seeking just to learn how to make proper use of my DSLR, the course was so inspiring that it actually sparked a much stronger interest in photography in me. I continued with taking more courses and making more photographs and, as it happens, my first book of photographs, Journeys, has just being published. It contains four series of my photographs made in Jerusalem, Japan, Istanbul and Provence. The LSP’s role in my development as a photographer is gratefully and deservedly acknowledged in my bio both on the publisher’s website and the back cover.

Chamelia Liparoti

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I never thought I could be published by National Geographic and by so many other internationally renowned publications. Antonio Leanza is a true master, a very inspiring teacher and a great coach. Thank you Antonio!

Michael Schuster

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I very much enjoyed my 4 days photography course at the London School of Photography. An entertaining and stimulating teacher,
and an excellently conceived course. I am sure I will be back.

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