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Diogo Duarte

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Diogo Duarte is a Portuguese photographer with a keen interest in psychological portraiture and self-portraiture, with which he explores identities. Born in Lisbon, he moved to the UK in 2007 to study Psychology and Criminology and then went on to pursue a career in the Psychology field. In 2012, he studied Professional Photography at the London School of Photography and then went on to work for known brands such as Arena, Stella Artois and NFL. Diogo regularly exhibits his Fine Art work in Fine Art Galleries. In 2017, he won the East-West Art Award with his psychological portrait of a Woman.

Giorgio Murru

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Italian born and bred, Giorgio is an internationally published beauty, fashion and portrait photographer. After a stellar career in documentary making, which led to the development of Bafta nominated programmes for the likes of the the BBC, Discovery, National Geographic and Channel 4, he decided to swap the moving image for stills imagery, his first love. After spending years fine tuning his eye working under photographers such as Robert Wyatt, Phil Poynter, Sabine Villiard, David Oldham, Rafael Stahelin, he launched his own career in 2012. He’s now a regular contributor for a wide range of international titles from A to Zink! as well as being commissioned by a multitude of commercial clients.
His style allows him to jump between refined and irreverent beauty and fashion though retaining edge and an element of commerciality, the key ingredients to his success.
Giorgio is currently curating his first solo exhibition in Italy. The series, entitled Tidal, focuses on the relationship between water and humans.

Alex Poll

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Alex has a multi-faceted career in the photography industry. After completing a BA in photography at Leeds College of Art he moved to London initially to work for the AOP (the Association of Photographers). Then going on to assist a plethora of photographers in the commercial industry, work in galleries around London curating and hanging shows and also consulting with the small photography agency Pholio.
He also shoots in his spare time using traditional techniques to create conceptual documentary projects some of which have been exhibited in London and online. His imagery concentrates on object, form and the hidden aesthetic that is all around us.
Alex loves to teach and enjoys imparting knowledge about the photograph, how to take them and understand them.

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