Tunde Valiszka

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Tünde Valiszka is a Hungarian-born fine art street photographer. She began her photography journey at a very young age, learning from her mom, a hobbyist photographer. At 21, Tünde moved to London and completed a BA in Journalism & Media and an MSc in Marketing at Birkbeck, University of London. She launched her photography business in 2017, focusing on neon noir-inspired street portraits.

Her work, known for its provocative, high-contrast, and moody style, draws from neon-noir cinematography. Influenced by 80s cyberpunk aesthetics, such as “Blade Runner,” her style has garnered acclaim, leading to opportunities in teaching masterclasses and guest lecturing at the University of Roehampton.

Tünde collaborates with well-known brands like Jägermeister and Adobe. Her work has been exhibited in Malta, London, and Tokyo. With her passion now a profession, she continually pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling, establishing her photography as a distinct brand.