Morgana Andrade

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Morgana is an Art Director and Senior Retoucher with a passion for blending creativity and technology to produce visual experiences. Born in Lisbon and based in London, she has a background in Fashion Design and History of Art.

Trained as a photographer, specialising in Fashion and Portrait, Morgana also explored video production, casting, and styling and was this experience that led her to follow Art Direction, combining her different experience to create, direct and produce a concept.

She made a deliberate shift to the post-production side of photography and with a particular interest in the integration of AI and CGI, she explores innovative techniques to enhance her creative practice.

Morgana’s work has been featured in publications such as Kaltblut, Attitude, Schon, and WWD. She has also collaborated with brands including London Fashion Week, Benefit Cosmetics, Hublot, Boden, Filles-a-Papa, Edward Crutchley, and others. She currently lives in North London with her cat Misha.