WINNERS ANNOUNCED – Civilization: The Way We Live Now Competition


Happy New Year!


We hope you had a great start into 2019 and
have beautiful memories from last year!

We are proud to announce the winners of
“Civilization: The Way We Live Now” Competition to celebrate the publication of the homonymous book by William A. Ewing and Holly Roussell in partnership with Thames & Hudson publishers.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all who entered the competition, from many different countries around the world.

Check out the winning images and prizes below:

– 1st Prize: Mona Singh – India
A Weekend or Evening Photography Workshop at LSP
+ one book: Civilization: The Way We Live Now.

“This image, to us, translates exactly what is happening to civilization. Barefoot, we walk inwards, deeper into our bubbles, facing walls, connected by technology and disconnected from real relationships. The empty and decadent surroundings are room to Aladdin’s (now rolled) flying carpet, an analogy to our forgotten imagination and dreams”

– 2nd Prize: Diana Hagues – UK
Book Civilization: The Way We Live Now.

“No matter where we are in the world, mothers will continue to have an important role in the thriving of any civilization. Juggling careers and family responsibilities, passing knowledge through generations, this image felt very “familiar” to all of us. 

– 3rd Prize: David Robinson – Japan
Book Civilization: The Way We Live Now.

“A society where a separate carriage for “Women Only” in public transport is needed can be a sign of how bad things are. But, in our ever positive perspective of the world, we prefer to see it as a sign of change, into a future where things will get always better.”