Studio Lighting Workshop

studio lighting
(Level Required: INTERMEDIATE or a Good Knowledge of the Digital Photography Level 1 & 2 Syllabus)

Available ONLINE for Professional Photography Students
4 Days, (Mon. Tue. Thu. Fri.) 10:30 to 16:30

Fee: £ 745.00

“In Photography there are no secrets, there are only principles that we don’t know or haven’t mastered yet.”

As photographers, from the moment we embarked on this great adventure, whether consciously or not, we all became light explorers and started our journey into the light.

Although the camera we use and how we use it is of paramount importance, our ultimate tool in photography is light and our ultimate goal as photographers is to master its science & magic. Composition, an interesting subject, a great pose and an appropriate background, all contribute immensely to making good pictures, but light will ultimately shout louder than anything else.
The way our subjects are lit will make or break any photograph we try to capture on any type of media we use.
This course is designed as a step-by-step training program for you to master not only the language of light and its behaviour, but to learn to see it, move it, bend it and most importantly control it, no matter where, when or what you are creating images of.
Totally geared towards Studio Lighting, you will discover how to easily model your Subjects with light and consistently make professional looking pictures for commercial or personal use.

  • The Studio
  • Lighting equipment & Light modifiers
  • Cameras and light meters
  • Backgrounds and props
  • The principles, language and behaviour of light
  • The portrait, photography vs. painting
  • Basic Rules of Portraiture
  • Rembrandt lighting
  • One light portrait
  • Low Key
  • High Key
  • Fill light
  • Open loop vs. Closed loop
  • Short lighting vs. Broad lighting
  • Three + lights portrait
  • Creating Rapport with your Subject-Model
  • Directing and posing your Subject-Model
  • Lighting styles and studio set-ups

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