Adobe Photoshop for Photographers


(For total beginners)

4 Evenings, 18:30 to 21:00 (Mon. Tues. Thu. Fri.) or
1 Weekend, 10:30 to 16:30 (Saturday and Sunday)


Fee: £ 295.00

REQUIREMENTS: A laptop (PC or Mac) with the latest Adobe Photoshop Cloud version

Adobe Photoshop is our digital darkroom. In the same way, professional photographers needed to know how to enhance their prints in a darkroom when using film cameras, and Photoshop, in the digital era, uses some very basic adjustments that don’t alter the meaning of our photographs to help us improve our images immensely.

This workshop not only takes you through the basic principles of this powerful software it will also empower you with professional image editing techniques that will make your pictures stand out.

To install a trial version of Photoshop, please visit the Adobe website clicking on this link.

We do recommend to subscribe the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, that includes Lightroom Cloud, Lightroom Classic and Photoshop, learn more visiting this link.

  • Principles of Photoshop (basic set-up/preferences a run through the tool functions)
  • RAW Capture & File Formats
  • Resolution and Resizing
  • Histogram- Creating a look
  • Straightening, Rotating, Cropping
  • Introduction to non-destructive picture editing
  • Layers, Selections and basic compositing
  • Adjustment layers (curves, hue/saturation, selective colour)
  • Basic Retouching (clone & healing tools)
  • Masks
  • Finalising the image
  • Save for web
  • Save for Print

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