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Kit Ryall

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Kit has worked in the picture industry since 2007 and completed her Masters in Photojournalism in 2009. She is passionate about practical photography and photographic theory, as well as learning and education. With a keen interest in the power of photography to communicate, inform and evoke the viewer she spends much of her spare time working on documentary photography projects. Her most recent project features a young kidney transplant patient and the year-long ordeal of waiting, having and recovering from such a process. Within this field she has a particular interest in the role of the documentary photographer and exploring new and interesting ways to tell stories. In the past she assisted award-winning artist duo Broomberg and Chanarin, where she worked on numerous commercial photography and art projects including the Krakow Photomonth Festival 2011. Kit has worked with many clients over the years such as Save the Children, the Imperial War Museum and the BBC Proms, and has a sound knowledge of the professional photography industry. She is eager to share her knowledge and passion for photography with us at LSP.

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