Sue Atkinson Food Photography Masterclass

(Level: Intermediate)
Saturday 28th February 10:30am to 4.30pm
Fee : £ 345.00

In a progressively competitive market professional photographers are finding it increasingly necessary to specialise.   One sector which appears to be fairly constant is in the representation of food.   Despite the anticipated decline in the demand for books, the demand for cookery books continues to flourish, foodie magazines are still popular and food manufacturers are constantly seeking to improve the sales of their products via seductive packaging and advertising.

Food photographer Sue Atkinson ( )has honed her skills over more than 30 years in the industry.  Working first with film and large format cameras, Sue began her career illustrating cookery books including some of the first microwave and vegetarian titles before moving to her specially-equipped London studio where she took on the more challenging and demanding briefs of design groups and advertising agencies and now lists amongst her clients McDonald’s, McCain’s, Tetley tea, Fox’s biscuits and Krispy Kreme.

Through discussion of her own work Sue will introduce the three main fields of commissioned commercial food photography – editorial, packaging and advertising.

The workshop will also cover:
  • Interpreting the brief – concept, “mood board” practicality and working to layouts
  • Food as still life, cooked food and recipe photography
  • Composite “life-style” and close-up techniques
  • Selecting and control of lighting
  • “Natural” food and Photoshop
  • Ice cream and pizza – the myths exploded?
  • Location Vs studio
  • Who’s who in the studio
  • The role of the food stylist
  • Props and the props stylist
  • What makes a good assistant?
  • Workflow and the importance of the day book
  • Working with an agent
  • Pain and personal work
  • Web sites, promotion and publicity

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