Mike Roles Fine Art Photography Masterclass

(Level: Intermediate)
Wednesday 25th February 10:30am to 4.30pm
Fee : £ 97.00

Mike Roles ( http://www.mikeroles.co.uk ) is a practicing sculptor and photographer. He has obtained a PHD in Sculpture and a MA in Photography from the prestigious Royal College of Art. With his extensive knowledge and debates within Fine Art Photography and mixed media.

Mike Roles will introduce an example of a body of work which demonstrates the intellectual and methodological motivation for each individual body of work:

Aa example of my sculptural work is my installation “Welcome To The Third Millennium”, on This is a figurative work takes as it’s theme the irony of the rhetoric and hype which heralded the coming of the third millennium.

I take as an example of my photographic work ”My London” is an on-going documentary project which is a very personal reflection on the city of my birth.

A fine example of ImageSculpture is the work “Loves and Vanities” is an attempt to integrate form and space by bringing the 2D photographic image and 3D form to create both harmonies and discords which is appropriate to the Loves & Vanities theme. This body of work I am attempting to make a kind of sense of my own humanity and mortality

The 2nd part will be for questions and discussion.

Afternoon: Fine Art Photography (Illustrated)

First part, Will attempt to lay the foundation for later discussion. We ask the question of what is meant by the term Fine Art Photography, how can it be defined if at all. Examine at the background of the genre and it’s evolution, technical, aesthetic and social considerations, the various theories which surround the reading of an image.

For the 2nd part Roles would like to ask each student to each bring an image for inclusion of a group discussion on the topic “What is Fine Art Photography?”

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