wildlife photography award entries

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They’re back! Nature’s comedians are giving us humans a run for our money with some pretty knee-slapping performances. The 2018 Wildlife Comedy Awards competitionorganised by the Born Free Foundation, is already in full swing, and the entries are just hilarious.  

With a deadline set for June 30, you still have a chance to take part in this incredible competition with your funniest shots of animals in their natural habitat, well, being silly, and help pass along a strong message of the need to preserve our fragile wildlife.  

“We want you to take up our banner of wildlife conservation, bang the drum, beat the cymbal and make some noise, we need to spread the word,” the organisers say. 

“Wildlife, as we know it, is in danger, all over the world and we need to do something to help save it. You can start by going and having a look at what the Born Free Foundation are doing at www.bornfree.org.uk. 

Have a look at some of the incredible images submitted so far, and head over quickly to www.comedywildlifephoto.com to enter! 


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